Hullgrow WEED FREE Horticulture Grade Rice Hulls is ideally suited for horticultural use. The proprietary Hullgrow process eliminates problems occurring in other rice hull products; specifically the removal of weed seed that may otherwise compete with crops or attract pests that disrupt or destroy crop growth. Applications for Hullgrow   include, but are not limited to, greenhouse, vegetable transplant, soil mixing, crop aeration, and general aggregate substitute.

Key benefits to Hullgrow versus traditional aggregates

  • Less expensive
  • Greater porosity allowing higher percentages of organic compounds (such as peat moss) in mixes
  • Eliminates the traditional problem of weed seed in non-processed rice hulls
  • Increased water retention and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • 100% natural, and therefore natural ornamental appearance
  • Green, biodegradable, and sustainable alternative to petroleum-based aggregate products

To purchase Hullgrow or acquire more information, please contact  Susan Steel at 530-297-1020

Hullgrow was created in 2007 in Davis, CA with a mission of manufacturing quality products made from agricultural waste for the horticultural industry. Hullgrow has developed a proprietary technology process that converts raw rice hulls into a weed-free, rice hull aggregate for use in growing mixes and soil amendments.