Agricultural Byproducts

Agricultural byproducts are drawing increased interest for non-traditional applications. As a source of sustainable biomass for economically incentivized projects, agricultural byproducts are being aggressively researched for applications in recycled manufactured products and as renewable fuel sources. With access to both renewable and traditional byproduct markets, Frontier is aggressively positioning to become a premier supplier of biomass in California.

  • Almond Brush
  • Almond Shell
  • Rice Hulls
    • Baled or Bulk
    • Weed Free
  • Rice Straw

Agricultural Commodity Handling

Frontier Ag can satisfy the requirements of multiple agricultural and renewable byproduct markets. Specializing in byproduct-based manufactured goods and marketing, Frontier Ag’s services go well beyond standard procurement, storage, and packaging. Logistical support is also provided for any supply-chain requirement, from managing bulk-freight shipment and delivery to immediate or future contractual requirements.