Food & Grain

Frontier Ag merchandises a wide array of grain products and types to global markets for human consumption while ensuring quality handling and transport. Grains, milled food products, and food ingredients are stored at indoor climate controlled warehouses and closely monitored for protection.

Grain Products:
Frontier Ag - Rice Fields

  • Rice
    • Whole-Grain
    • Medium-Grain
    • Short-Grain
    • Second Head
    • Sweet
    • Flour
    • Imported
  • Corn
  • Wheat
Agricultural Commodity Handling

Frontier Ag has expanded it’s product offering to supply any existing or emerging rice commodity in the California Central Valley to interested clientele globally. Frontier Ag offers the full spectrum of agricultural–commodity handling services for food products. Food-crop processing capabilities include processing, milling, treating, packaging, and storage per the client’s request. Additionally, logistical support is available for most supply-chain requirements from managing bulk-freight shipment and delivery to immediate or forward contracting as required.