Pet Food & Feed

Frontier Ag merchandises a wide array of feed & grain products to global markets for pet and livestock consumption. Connecting suppliers to pet food and feed markets, Frontier Ag has access to several bulk purchasers. Grains, packaged food, and byproducts can have value if handled properly and fit to the appropriate animal nutritional requirements.
Frontier Ag

  • Alfalfa Hay
  • Almond Hull
  • Canola
  • Cereal Byproduct
  • Rice
    • Bran
    • Stabilized Bran
    • Brewers
    • Flour
  • Soy Hull Pellets
  • Walnut Meal
Agricultural Commodity Handling

To meet the needs of bulk pet food and feed markets, Frontier Ag has increased its logistical product offering to a global level. Frontier Ag offers full service commodity handling including procurement, storage, and packaging as applicable to the customer’s need. Managing bulk freight pickup/delivery and processing to immediate or forward contracts, a full spectrum of business-to-business services is available to suppliers and buyers.